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Best Priced Student Storage Washington DC

Are you going home for the summer break? Do you have a plan for traveling abroad for a semester? BR Movers has a perfect storage plan for you that will make you stress-free. Our best-priced student storage in Washington, DC will prove to be worth in helping the students to enjoy a secure storage solution. As one of the reputable moving company in Washington, DC, we offer moving and storage services to students of many major DC, Virginia and Maryland colleges. You can conveniently store your items with us and get them back when you return.

Flexible Student Storage Solutions in Washington, DC:

We make sure in providing you the most reliable student storage in Washington, DC at an affordable price. BR Movers offers flexible storage solutions or spaces that are specifically designed for the students:

1. Pallet: This type of storage space is perfect for the students who live in dorm rooms and only have a few items to store over the summer. Our pallet, normally measures 4 ft by 40 inches that can be stacked approximately 4ft high. We wrap the pallet in a protective shrink-wrap and store in a safe storage facility.

2. Crate: Our crate storage space is perfect for students who live in an apartment and have furniture items to store. We offer a variety of different size storage units in a climate controlled and secure warehouse.

Effective Student Storage Plans in Washington, DC:

BR Movers offers two storage plans- the basic student storage and flex student storage in Washington, DC, which are designed to suitably accommodate student’s busy schedule and includes free packing supplies (boxes, tape and more) pick-up and delivery.

1. Basic Student Storage in Washington, DC: Under this plan, our experienced movers will arrive at your place to pick up your belongings from the university as per a predetermined date and transport them to the storage facility. At the end of a scheduled storage period or before the beginning of the new semester, BR Movers will conveniently transport your belongings to the campus on a pre-scheduled date.

2. Flex Student Storage in Washington, DC: This is a personalized plan, in which our experienced moving team will pick up the belongings on a specific date (as per your requirement) and then will deliver them back to the campus (upon your request). Our flex student storage plan in Washington, DC will help you enjoy the added convenience of shipping your belongings from the campus to any other location.

Student Storage Washington DC for Universities:

BR Movers offers a low priced and reliable student storage program for the following universities like:

1. College Park, MD
2. All District of Colombia Universities
3. All Northern Virginia Universities
4. All Delaware Universities

What our Customers say:

“ I would use BR Movers all over again. They did a great job - all packing included, no hidden charges. This was all I wanted - and they did just that. I hear alot of negative stories about moving but it seems to me these people didn't use BR Movers. Or maybe they decided to fib about what they needed - but thanks to my utter honesty, the rep advised me to go with packing services. How right - how right. It was great. No pain - just relocation. Thanks guys! Wish you were everywhere in case I need you again!”

- Julia "Cizzy" Colton       Read more testimonials.

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